Available courses

The 2017/18 summer instance of the incredibly fun COSC122 course :)

Learn or practice Matlab using resources from EMTH171.  If you are a student who has direct entry into first professional year and who has therefore not done EMTH171 at all you can contact Jenny Harlow (jenny.harlow@canterbury.ac.nz) for access to this course.

This course is for use only by COSC121S2 (Second Semester) students. All laboratory work, drill quizzes, assignment work, tests and the final exam are run here. All other course course activities, such as distribution of course material and the course forums, are on the main University Learn server.

This course is for use only by UCIC CSC001 students.

Please work through this revision quiz in your spare time.

It contributes 0% toward your grade but will help you improve your programming in preparation for what lies ahead :)

Lab quizzes for the C Programming section of ENCE260.

A course set up to perform load testing. For administrator use only.

A course containing some of the practice quizzes and assignments from course ENCN305.

This page gives an introduction to our weekly Programming for Fun workshops.